Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Toy Watch

I generally don't take to product bashing on k&t, but I just can't help myself tonight. Last March I received a Toy Watch for my birthday. I wore the watch for a few weeks, maybe, and then one day the links just came apart. The watch was replaced and all was well. Since the watch was a summer watch it hasn't been getting much play. Then a couple of weeks ago we "sprang forward" and instead of resetting my standard Tag, I reached for my summer Toy. Then today, after what? just a couple of weeks of wearing, the links came apart again! And its not like I'm rock climbing with this watch on, granted I've been known to get a little aggressive in line at Starbucks, but I am by no means rough with this watch. I am extremely disappointed because I think Toy Watches could be great products at a reasonable price point if they could just get their manufacturing right. You can make up your own mind about this but buyer beware, Toy Watches have a life expectancy of a couple of weeks... if that.


Nobanno said...

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