Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Surf Lodge

Montauk is my special place. I've made a pilgrimage to Ditch Plains every summer since I was 3 years old. I never leave the house without my Helen Ficalora Montauk daisy necklace being placed prominently around my neck. Montauk, in my heart and in my head, everyday. Last year was the first year in 21 years that I didn't make it out. Not even for a day. Aside for the fact that a piece of me died, I was also left wondering about the opening of The Surf Lodge. I read the articles boasting how great The Surf Lodge was, but then I also saw the creation on anti-Lodge facebook groups by locals. I have to admit, I am on the fence about this one. My two favorite things in life are 1. Montauk 2. Boutique hotels... and the combination of the the 2 should be pure bliss for me. But there is something about Montauk that can't be put into words or represented by vintage posters on the wall. Montauk is not a place, its a mentality, and its definitely NOT the Hamptons. I find peace in knowing that these types of places never last, and the Jitney riders eventually get off a few stops sooner.
But if you are curious as to what the fuss is about The Surf Lodge will begin taking reservations tomorrow April 15th.

See you there.

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