Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm an F21 girl all the way, but recently the product has really been lacking. I went in there today with hopes of picking up a cute floral blouse for Easter Sunday and surprisingly left empty handed. There were a few kinda cute chiffon tunics that were really too long to be tops but didn't have any lining so couldn't be worn as dresses, and therefore make them a pointless waste of $24.50. Feeling restless and unfulfilled, I went into H&M, something I rarely ever do, really only when I'm with a certain friend who has a certain little addiction to neon flannel in any capacity. I didn't end up purchasing anything for myself (I did pick up a neon pink polo I'm forcing my 16 yr old brother to wear on Easter for $9.99). But while walking around the store today more items caught my eye then ever before. They had a few really cute dresses and jackets, all of which I felt were over priced by $10-$15. I think its worth a look, you might disagree about the price point...and this is coming from the person who really is indifferent towards H&M.

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