Monday, April 13, 2009


This past Saturday the girls gathered for a birthday dinner/good-bye party for our friend Lindsey. After we had polished off an unmentionable amount of food we headed upstairs in efforts to help Lin with the rest of her packing for her move to Baltimore. What started out as a completely selfless act by all parties ended up in a feeding frenzy for all of Lindsey's discards. I will admit that I did partake in this activity, making out with 2 cashmere sweaters and a T-shirt with Lin's face on it that I am currently wearing. But what was the most sought after item of the night, that based on its popularity with the group was packed away to Baltimore with Lindsey, never to be seen again? Her Forever 21 Chiffon Ruffle blouse! While the thought of grabbing the top and jetting crossed all of our minds, why end a life long friendship over a blouse that for $17.80 could be all of ours? Since I fully intend on preserving my friendship with Lindsey, I plan on going to Forever tomorrow to pick up one of my very own. And while Baltimore may have taken Lindsey away from me and I am now forced to go to F21 by my lonesome, take comfort in knowing that we have a scheduled conference call for 3 p.m.... which just happens to be the exact time I plan on heading to F21.

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