Saturday, April 4, 2009


Sad news fellow Balducci's lovers... both NYC locations are closing. The reason? Economic down turn. The closing Chelsea and UWS stores are just 2 of the 10 Balducci's that range from Virginia to Connecticut. While the Manhattan stores are closing, there is promise that surrounding stores will remain open, Scarsdale, Greenwich, and Westport (thank God.). With no set date of closure be sure to cash in your Balducci's reward points as soon as possible! I highly recommend the kalamata olive and artichoke tapenade or the black bean and goat cheese tacos.

Balducci's facts: The first Balducci's was located on the corner of 6th ave & 9th and was run for decades by the Balducci's family. It was sold to investors in 1999. The investors closed the original location and then sold Balducci's to Bear Stearns Merchant Bank.

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