Monday, February 9, 2009


I was at boozy brunch this Sunday when I heard some very disturbing news. After some further investigation I am sad to report that The Preakness Stakes infield party is OVER. According to MSNBC the Maryland Jockey Club is no longer permitting beverages of any kind to be brought into the field.

Here are the facts:

Tickets for public Infield will remain $50 in advance and $60 on May 16. No beverage of any kind (cans or bottles), including alcohol, soft drinks and water will be allowed to be brought into the public Infield. Sixteen-ounce beers will be sold for $3.50. Coolers and backpacks, containing food, will be permitted in the Infield but coolers larger than 28-by-15-by-17 inches will be prohibited. Beach blankets and suntan lotion, cellular phones, cameras (up to 35mm), camcorders, binoculars and lightweight plastic lawn chairs are also allowed in the Infield. Top of the Stretch seats will remain $110 with coolers limited to 12-by-12 inches or smaller.

Tom Chuckas, the Maryland Jockey President and COO, went on the record saying, "We feel it is time for our public infield customers to enjoy a new way to party. In this year of change it is now time to transform the Preakness Infield experience.” What Tom, were the dunkaroos and beers at 2:30 turning into hot aluminum missiles too much for you? This saddens my heart. Preakness RIP. Never again will it be the horse race where you see more boobs than horses. Tear.

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