Monday, February 2, 2009

FB and F21

Facebook and Forever 21. Other than both being my personal guilty pleasures, what do these two have in common? Well, if you and your friends are like mine, and going out means "lights, camera, facebook" then I think a ton.

Part one: Entitled, Why facebook has doubled the money I spend on clothing. I love 'the Book' just as much as the next, but I find nothing more disheartening then waking up to find that the top I just purchased and wore for the first time being blown up in albums all over the place. You can just take that top and light it on fire because you aren't going to wear it again. Do you really want to be a repeat outfit offender in front of 800 of your closest friends? Of course not. You may think this all sounds pathetic but have you not had the experience of flipping through your closet and wanting to put something on and then in your head pops a slide show of all the tagged photos of you in the same outfit with the same group of people? I doubt that I am alone in feeling the pressure of needing a new outfit every time I go out in fear of being photographed and tagged. And in this troubled economy who has the money to be constantly updating their closets... especially when we are at the end of a season?

Part two: The solutions. I have recently taken a drastic step to help alleviate the pressure of not being a repeat outfit offender.... CAUTION! This option is way too extreme for most ... I have reset my privacy settings not allowing others to see tagged photos of me. Now, if that isn't for you, which I totally understand, this is where Forever21 comes in. I was there this afternoon and the product they are producing is better than its ever been. Cardigans that feel like real cotton. Sheer blouses that aren't unraveling at the bottom. And even if you wear something once, Who Cares? Everything in there is $22.50. That's cheaper than picking up my dry cleaning, much cheaper actually. And for those who cringe at the thought of F21, my question is, Are you in debt? Have a limited profile? Or are you (gasp.) a repeat outfit offender?

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