Friday, February 27, 2009

Bohemia Chic

I have very sad news; my favorite store in Darien, Bohemia Chic, is going out of business. I was driving through Darien the other day and I saw that the store space had a "lease available" sign out front. Even though I had somewhere to be, I flew into the store demanding answers! Recession, recession, down sizing to a small booth at a local antique show, recession. They will officially close their doors the last week in April. If you haven't had the privilege of shopping there I highly advise you do while you still can. The store is filled with hand picked home products as well as some incredible accessories. From refurbished furniture to vintage prints of the Potomac River, Bohemia Chic has something for everyone. Its going to be a sad Spring day when they finally close their doors.

Be sure to check it out before its too late. Everything must go. So sad.

Bohemia Chic

770 Post Rd.

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