Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years 2009

Bought 2 bottles of champagne and a bottle of bitters. Went to Kiira and Ellen’s apartment. Ate pizza. Tried on outfit option #1. Tried on outfit option #2. Tried on outfit option #1 with Kiira’s top. Borrowed Kiira’s top. Boots? Heels? Boots. Boys came over. Did hair and makeup. Took pictures. Split up. Took cabs. Got to the party. Everyone back together. Favorite people. Took more pictures. Played flip cup. Talked to a friend from LA. Told me he was going to put me in his movie. Talked to a friend moving to Asia. Begged Allison to stay. We need her. Don’t remember the ball dropping. Took more pictures. Lost my jacket. Found my jacket. Passed out. Woke up. Still at party. Wow, great view. Hailed a cab. Climbed into bed with Lindsey. Looked at pictures from the night before. Laughed so hard we woke up Kiira and Ellen. Chugged water. Realized I lied about bitters preventing hangovers. Who did I hear that from? Kiira tries to order a bagel for the four of us. Won’t deliver. Damit. Showered where shampoos go to die. Listened to Only One by Stop for Capes on repeat. Looked at pictures. Went downstairs. Hit an ATM and grabbed a bottle of sparkling water. Walk? Cab? Cab, freezing and hung over. Met boys for brunch at La Bon Bonniere. Pancakes, Bacon, and hash browns. Coffee. WATER. We caused a scene. Laughed harder than I did in all of 2008. Walked to SoHo. Bye Boys. Met up with Kati. We all went to The Cupping Room Café. Girls ordered Hot Totties. I ordered a Jack and Coke. Met my new best friend. Realized that my “new best friend” was actually nuts and still wearing her dress from the night before. Already have all the best friends I need anyway. Said bye to Kati. Oh, wait, ‘Are those my sunglasses?’. Gave Kati her sunglasses back. Mourned the loss of the best lost-and-found find of 2008. Subway back to Kiira and Ellen’s. Climbed into Ellen’s bed. Laughed some more. Returned missed calls from parents. Called the boys. Decided to head back over there. Hailed a cab. Drank some beers. Showed them the pictures. Relived the night. Looked at the champagne all over the walls. Animals. Talked about ordering sushi. Ordered sushi. Ate sushi in record time. Played some games. Lost. Laughed some more. Figured it was time to go home. Thought how lucky I am for my friends. Realized it was going to be a great year.

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