Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The City

I don't really know how I feel about The City. I've been watching Lauren Conrad go through her real/scripted life for quite some time now. I'm not sure if I watch it because I care or because I feel obligated to her as a part of my routine. Whatever the reason I have managed be a part of the demographic of girls that feed into this media phenomenon. Now that its come to my coast I don't know if I plan on being as loyal to Whitney Port. I find it weird that they are eating at restaurants I go to and even weirder that they are pretending to work for women I have worked for. There has always been something bizarre about the grey area the Hills creates between real life and scripted and it becomes a little too bizarre when their fake life over laps with my real life. Do we really need to watch a show about a life that we are living? Isn't it a waste of time?

I loved Whitney's character in the Hills for her personal style, which I find FLAWLESS. I just wish the show was more geared towards her personal style and not her personal life. A younger Rachel Zoe project based out Manhattan was what I was looking forward to and instead it was 30 mins of her getting eyes rolled at her by Socialiterank.com reject Olivia Palermo. I admit that I plan on giving it another week to decide. Either way though I will continue to look at still images on MTV.com to check out her outfits!

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