Sunday, November 23, 2008

Retail and the Recession

One girls recession is another girls opportunity. Looking back to the summer when gas prices were almost $5 a gallon I remember being a little displeased but still confident. Now that there is an estimated 9,000 jobs lost on Manhattan's "Main street" this recession is really hitting home. And while I don't believe in the capitalization of others misfortune I can't help but point out the silver lining of this horrible economy. Most retailers have prepared themselves for a loss in their 4th quarter, which is usually the highest grossing quarter for retail, and will be going to drastic measures to make sales. This is going to be the time to invest in timeless pieces for your wardrobe. The closer it gets to the holidays we are going to see those unattainable articles of clothing we love 80-90% off. My recommendation is do not buy anything that is not on sale, it might be full price now, but trust me... it won't be for long!

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