Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Intrepid Travel

I received a packet in the mail today from Intrepid Travel. Normally I would throw stuff like that out without even bothering to open, but I've traveled with Intrepid, I know better. Intrepid by definition means fearless and adventurous, two adjectives that I would only use to describe myself if they are followed by either the words eater or traveler. Fearless and adventurous traveler and eater... yes. A few years ago when everyone I knew was making their way through Europe I wanted something more. I wanted to be completely overwhelmed by a culture and its people. I wanted no escape. Not to an American hostel, bar, or dare I say Mc.Donald's. After voicing this to the lovely people at STA travel they suggest Intrepid Travel. I started looking into it and was automatically turned off by the idea of group travel and a planned route, but then I started to do some research about Intrepid Travel and their mission and realized it was everything I wanted and more. Intrepid Travel believes in having "local partners" in every location. Intrepid is an organization that wants to give back to the communities that enrich so many peoples lives. With Intrepid you have no choice but to be completely submerged into another culture. You will stay at locally owned hotels, eat at locally owned restaurants, and have the experience of a life time. It was the kind of trip you can feel is going to change your life as soon as you begin. I can not talk highly enough about my experience with Intrepid Travel and it being a cold rainy day this packet couldn't have come at a better time!


thanks JT

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