Thursday, October 9, 2008

It to can be yours...

Last weekend I went out for drinks with some friends. I was introduced to a girl whose recent resume included both Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch, so I was not at all surprised when she placed on the table the most amazing vintage clutch I have ever seen. I was open about my love for her bag which she explained to me was purchased "years ago at a vintage store in Austin, Texas" and she even did me the disservice of opening up clutch and showing me in inlaid mirror and silk lining. My heart broke a little inside assuming that I would never find a bag like her vintage-one-of-a-kind-clutch. I thought that even if I searched far and wide I would never come across a bag like this again. All I could do was think about this bag. Even at work the next day I couldn't stop thinking about it, "You don't understand just how magnificent this bag was!" I proclaimed the next morning to a group of nonbelievers. I pictured how perfectly it would fit my wallet, cell phone, and lip gloss. I WAS OBSESSED and I had to have it more than I have ever wanted a bag before! The idea of going on eBay didn't cross my mind; there is no way this bag would be on eBay, and if it were to be what would I search under anyway, 'amazing vintage feather clutch'. I'm not an eBay user, to be honest the closest I've come to eBay is the stock I bought of G-MKT, the North Korean eBay, last year. But to eBay I went, literally typed in 'amazing vintage feather clutch', and POOF like an act from the very-mighty-powerful-vintage-loving-goddesses-from-above the EXACT BAG APPEARED. Not a similar clutch, not a clutch sorta like it, THE EXACT BAG. This clutch was waiting for me. It was out there, in the universe, waiting for me to find it. I'm still not sure why my fate would have this bag reappear with the ease that it did. I would like to think that I just wanted it "bad enough" and/or have some great accessories karma out there! So with the magic of eBay the clutch arrived at my house in 3 business days and $65 later and secured my faith that if you want something bad enough, it to can be yours... even if it is a vintage 1940's clutch!