Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the Deco Files

Last months cover of Domino so was bold and bright I could not help but buy it while in line at Balducci's. Most magazines I purchase have a shelf life of 2 weeks but this Domino has stuck around for almost a month. I was just getting ready to tear out a piece they had on molding, for my future perfect Manhattan apartment with the perfect amount of sun and perfect high ceilings, when I flipped to an ad for Domino's new online inspiration board. I immediately created an account and located the article on molding. Once you've created your very own Deco File you are able to scan Domino's website and save images to your own personal folder. You can store all of the images and ideas in your very own folder then create separate inspiration books for each project you are working on... ie Future amazing apartment with perfect amount of sun and perfect high ceilings.

Check out my Deco File!

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